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Dota 2 AI Quick Start

08 Jan 2017

Dota 2 7.00 (The New Journey) introduced Bots API, which is quite good news for people like me. I am a fan of the game but I never manage to have enough skills or APM to compete with online players. So being able to write my own bots must be a lot of fun. However the official document is very bare bone and unfriendly for people who are new to Dota 2 modding. So here is a simple quick start for people who want to start writing Dota 2 bots.

Your Working Directory

Find your Dota 2 installation directory, let’s call it $DOTA. Go to $DOTA\dota 2 beta\game\dota\scripts\vscripts and you will find a bots_example directory. Make a copy of that, rename it to bots — all bots code resides inside that directory. If you start a practice match with bots, it should read bot scripts from that location.

Now you can take a look at official reference (minus the reference, just read the introduction). Here is TL;DR:

  1. Bot scripts can be either override mode or completely takeover. The former only override certain mode, which is a good starting point for new developers.
  2. Bot scripts are recognized by file name. So just create Lua scripts with corresponding names and Dota 2 will try to read from them.
  3. Lua is used as the scripting language. If you are not familiar with it, I happens to have written a pragmatic quickstart guide, which is intended for experienced developers: Part I, Part II
  4. Lots of in game data (like heroes, abilities, items) is located at $DOTA\dota 2 beta\game\dota\scripts\npc, which is a good reference. Game item names can be found here, which is not mentioned on the wiki.

Start a Bot vs. Bot Match

  1. Enable Dota 2 console by adding -console launching options.

  2. For bot vs. bot match to work, the example script need to be modified. Open hero_selection.lua and you can see the script tries to select 0-4 for radiant and 5-9 for dire. However, this is only true if you are in the game. For bot vs. bot match, 0-1 is reserved (maybe for coaches?) so radiant is 2-6 and dire is 7-11.

  3. Create a lobby (Play Dota -> Create Lobby) and edit lobby settings. Choose Local Dev Script for Radiant and choose any difficulty except none. Also tick Enable Cheats.

    Lobby Settings

  4. Make yourself either a coach or unassigned player and start the match.

Speed Up Development

  1. Show console: after you have added -console launch options, you can toggle console with a hotkey (default is \). You can find all the debug info in console, including your print() statement in Lua script, which is very useful.

  2. Reload code: after you change your bot scripts, it will not automatically reload if you have an on-going game. You can use dota_bot_reload_scripts command in console to reload your bot scripts. The is the single most important trick I’ve learned and I am surprised that it is not mentioned in the wiki.

    Also please note there is a bug in recent Dota 2 (as of writing) that will crash the game if reload bot scripts in bot vs. bot lobby game. So for now you can start a practice match instead.

  3. Speed up game: if you are testing your bot strategies, you might want to speed up the game. Use host_timescale 4.0 to make the game run at 4x speed. You can change the 4 to anything you prefer. You have to enable cheats to achieve this (use sv_cheats 1).

More Resources

  1. Bot Scripting Wiki
  2. Script API Wiki
  3. Moddota Wiki
  4. /r/dota2AI
  5. Bot Scripting forum
  6. furiouspuppy’s bot scripts
  7. My own bot scripts (very premature)
  8. Finally and most importantly, happy hacking!
If you have comment, you can post it HN (link can be found at the end of the essay), send me an email at hi AT ruoyusun DOT com or ping me on Twitter @insraq.