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I am Ruoyu Sun, a designer and developer flying between Hong Kong and Beijing. I grew up in mainland China and graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a degree in Business (and two minors in Computer Science and Statistics). I am on Twitter and LinkedIn.


I am a self-taught programmer, starting from 2000, when I first learnt to program in Quick Basic in high school. After that, I learnt Visual Basic when I got my first Windows computer. In 2004, I switched to Linux (Mandriva) when I bought a set of installation CDs with my New Year’s red packet money. and learnt HTML, CSS, Javascript - I am still writing decent amount of Javascript now, both client side and server side (Node.js). Then I started to use the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack when I played with a variety of forum software.


It wasn’t until university when I started to learn to program in C and Java in classroom to complete my computer science minor - I skipped most of the fundatmental classes of course. Meanwhile, in business school, I had to use SAS and VBA for business statistics and in statistics courses, open source R is used. I was a research assistant in Computer Science department during summer when I wrote lots of Matlab code for data mining, during which I figured out that research wasn’t really what I wanted to pursue. The good thing about university is that I have lots of spare time so that I can learn and build with programming languages I like: Python and Ruby. I was active in some open source projects like XOOPS (that was open source before Github) and I have written a book on it, which is published by O’Reilly.


During university I’ve built lots of interesting projects:, AtImpress and 17Startup. 17Startup, a Chinese version of Crunchbase, turned into some serious business. We were doing quite well before we had conflicts with our incubator and was unable to secure a new series of funding. 17Startup was build with Laravel, when the framework was still quite new in the market.


When I graduated, because 17Startup did not work out, I joined a Swiss investment bank in Hong Kong. I spent more than two years working at equity derivative trading technology. I think it was one of the best technology community in Hong Kong - you worked with smart people and was able to experiment with emerging technology. I wrote some C#, some Java and Groovy, a bit of Scala, a decent amount of JavaScript and some more CoffeeScript. I also experimented Haskell, Lua, Clojure and Go.


I love technology, but that is only half of me, the other half being entrepreneurship. So in 2014 I joined China Renaissance and built their early stage financial advisory (basically help startups to raise fund) business, branded “Alpha” under an “internal startup” model. Currently I run the product, design and engineering team within Alpha. We had several product lines, from web to mobile app. Our technology stack includes Ruby on Rails, AngularJS / Ionic, a bit Node.js, React Native (iOS) and native Android. I don’t write that much code now - even though I wish I could. I mess around with all our technologies but most of the work is done by our talented developers and designers based in Beijing and Hong Kong. Our team has around ten people I am always looking for talent developers and designers to join my team. If you are interested, simply drop me an email: ruoysun AT gmail DOT com.

In my spare time, which is quite rare these days, I like to digitally paint with my Wacom and do some cooking. I am not an active blogger - I write much more code than blogs. However, I do enjoy writing, and sharing the findings and thoughts on design, development and startups in general. There is no comment function (the blog is built with Jekyll and hosted on Github) but you can usually discuss about it on Hackers News or email me: ruoysun AT gmail DOT com.